Meet Elaine Stageberg: MD, MHA, CEO

Industry Leader for Real Estate Investing and Investing at Scale.

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One of entrepreneurship’s premier presenter, investment leader, and real estate expert, Dr Elaine Stageberg is a psychiatrist, mother of four, and mentor to physicians from all walks of life.

Elaine’s own journey to financial and lifestyle freedom has been nourished by an unwavering passion for empowering families. She believes that real estate investing can—and should—create good for not only investors, but also for the communities of people who live in these investment properties. 

Elaine’s gift for seeing infinite opportunities for win-win scenarios has blazed a trail for innovation in property management, private equity funds, and ethical real estate development.

Today, she works with working professionals in a growth mindset to guide them through the complex knowledge domain of real estate investing and inspire them to embrace the practicality and mindset needed to take action. Elaine shows her audiences how to turn paychecks into prosperity so that they can live a full life and launch their legacy. 

Dr Elaine Stageberg is co-CEO with her husband Nick at Black Swan Living, actively managing more than $200M in long-term residential real estate, ranging from single family homes to large multifamily communities, and Black Swan Real Estate, which recently launched Fund I, raising over $14M in a single day. Her flagship course Single Family at Scale* shows you how to build a portfolio, and shares best practices and lessons learned in personally growing $45mil+ in ten years. 100% of the pay-what-you-can model supports charitable causes through The Stageberg Foundation.